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Why Should You Subscribe Thulir YouTube Channel?

Posted On: April 5th, 2019    Posted By: Rajesh K  To  General

If you’ve found that your child has autism spectrum disorder and you want to help them to overcome from this, then you should subscribe our YouTube channel to get more updated information about autism and their relevant tips through our videos. Our

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Red Flags of Autism

Posted On: October 4th, 2017    Posted By: Rajesh K  To  Autism

No babbling by 11 months of age No simple gestures by 12 months (e.g., waving bye-bye) No single words by 16 months No 2-word phrases by 24 months (noun + verb – e.g., “baby sleeping”) No response when name is called, causing concern about hearing

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Toddler Talking Tips for Parents!

Posted On: October 4th, 2017    Posted By: Rajesh K  To  Parenting Advice

Read! Choose colourful books with large simple photos or drawings. Talk about the pictures rather than reading the text. Wait! Don’t anticipate our child’s needs. Delay your response to your child’s pointing, gestures or babbling when he wants things.

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“THULIR” stepping on to second year

Posted On: December 1st, 2014    Posted By: Rajesh K  To  Uncategorized

We are happy to share with u all that Thulir Charitable trust has successfully completed one year and stepping on to the second year today(1-12-2014). We thank all of you for supporting its growth and we wish all our kids a very good luck for the year

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Postural control in children with sensory processing disorder

Posted On: October 23rd, 2014    Posted By: Rajesh K  To  Therapy

                                   Postural control in children with sensory processing disorder In order to meet the environmental demands in an effective way, a child must be able to assume and maintain stable positions, move without

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Autism and Tactile defensiveness

Posted On: October 1st, 2014    Posted By: Gayathri Mahadevan  To  Autism, Therapy

Tactile defensiveness is the most common sensory modulation deficit of tactile system and it is predominantly found in children with autism. Children with tactile defensiveness tend to react negatively to touch sensation that is considered otherwise non-noxious

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Video Modelling to teach children with autism

Posted On: September 11th, 2014    Posted By: Gayathri Mahadevan  To  Autism

Video modelling is defined as, “the occurrence of a behavior by an observer that is similar to the behavior shown by a model on a videotape”. Modelling is regarded as one of the basic learning processes and it is also treated in the science

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Toilet training in children with Autism

Posted On: September 3rd, 2014    Posted By: Rajesh K  To  Autism

Experts have long said that people with autism are among the most difficult to toilet train because many traditional potty training techniques simply don’t work for them. While I agree that it’s difficult to teach children with autism these skills,

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How To Teach Colours To Children With ASD

Posted On: August 26th, 2014    Posted By: Rajesh K  To  Autism

Colour recognition is the ability to identify and name basic colours. Colour recognition is important in recognizing objects around us and it is a precursor to language in the context of naming and using adjectives. Recognizing colours or other general

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Group Therapy At THULIR

Posted On: August 16th, 2014    Posted By: Gayathri Mahadevan  To  Therapy

For a child to be independent and successful in his/her social environment such as home, school, peer group, etc, the child must possess social skills like communicating, sharing, waiting, turn taking, apologizing, requesting, thanking, competing, being