Greetings to all who have gathered here for the Trust’s fifth annual day celebration. Like many of you here, I also have stage fear. Keeping the fear aside, I’ve come to talk to you all directly to share my very own experience & journey of being a mother to 2 special children , and being a special mother with you all.

I’m a govt employee. 3 years ago, I took 2 years leave to come here to mysore and got therapies done for both my kids. I started from a “zero”. My son sang a song beautifully today , with all the ragas. But it took a week’s time for ma’am to teach him to just blow a candle off when we started therapy. That day, he could not blow a candle, but today, he sings loudly along with the raagas.

When I initially came here, I realized that both my kids had some problem. I thought it can be cured. But, as I went to places, I realized that that things won’t change, and that this is going to be a life long struggle. I was de motivated.

I did not give up. I worked hard. I felt I was fighting a battle. That way, I was prepared for every step. I was prepared to face all the challenges. After a few days, I told to myself that whatever I’m doing for my kids is not a struggle or a battle; instead I told myself that I’m doing a sacrifice; and that is when progress behave to follow me. Every problem appeared to be very small when I changed my mentality of approaching the problem.

In the beginning, I found it difficult to accept the fact and come to the problem and solve it. Initially, when my kids would be awake, I wouldn’t have even cooked; my daily routine was not at all in tract and I was always appearing lost and stressed; but now, along with all my chores, their therapies are getting done.

After taking a long leave of 2 yrs, I’m not getting leave now, still I make it a point to come once in 6 months for a week or 15 days to get therapies. Though there is gap between therapies, I’m getting fruitful results. Because I’m taking it positively and am working towards achieving the goal.

If you all also take everything positively, you will also find success. It was getting difficult to focus equally on both of my kids. But, as days passed, I was able to fine tune each of them so that they could achieve their individual goals. I used to bring both of them alternatively for therapies. Now I’m very happy and I look forward for therapies. I’m happy that god has given me these two children, I feel very proud of them as they are the reason for my potential to be portrayed to the outside world. All mothers give birth to their children once, but we, moms of special children, give birth to them twice. We all have to be proud of ourselves.

Instead of burdening everything that has been taught in class at once, start practicing topics on a daily basis; it’ll become very easy. I’ll be constantly working for the betterment of my children, even at my workplace. It is always better plan and go systematically with the plan. This way, you’ll be able to successfully achieve the goals of the therapy without over burdening yourself. Before starting anything, I say these lines to myself, I apply these lines to my kids also.

(1) I am the best
(2) I want the best
(3) I achieve the best
(4) I serve the best

and when we apply these to our children, it becomes, :

(1) Our kids are the best
(2) Our kids want the best
(3) Our kids achieve the best
(4) Our kids serve the best.

By : Parent

Thulir charitable trust, a special organization for the nourishment of special kids.

I am the mother of two special kids. Beyond my satisfaction about Thulir, I ought to tell about the role that Thulir Charitable Trust plays with the special kids because it has given our kids a wide range of exposure to all developmental domains.

At Thulir, for an affordable cost, parents can get their special kids to get intensive therapy under supervision of experienced, successful and advanced professionals. Mr. Rajesh and Mrs. Gayathri are occupational therapists who, through their training, can make an illiterate mother to a therapist. Their therapy approach is fully technical and gradually addresses the problems of kids from simple ones to complex ones which make the kids and the parents confident in working towards the goal.

The Trust has many types of equipment, toys, puzzles, and other materials that are designed to be useful for the physical, cognitive and language development of special kids and are maintained under a good management. It is all reflected in the drastic improvements of the kids, where I wish to say that two of them are mine.

For those parents, who want to support their kids having autistic problem, taking therapy in Thulir trust will be an exact supportive method. Varieties of classes such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Special education and Art and Craft classes are available under the same roof. Finally, I am thankful to the trusties and the supporters who is organizing and supporting the noble cause.

By : Mrs. Bharathi S

When our daughter uttered only a few words at the age 3+, it was of great concern to us. After assessment, she was diagnosed with ASD. We started occupational therapy with the hope of restoring normalcy. There after we have undertaken various forms of therapy and diet. Our belief in and the dedication of our occupational therapists has returned her childhood to our 5 year old. Our occupational therapist work has put her on par with her able peers.

Thulir charitable trust is the answer to all worried parent’s prayers. Started on the initiative of two young occupational therapists, and 6 parents, it treats affected children with respect, love, and financial support, besides therapy facilities. The trust provides unwavering support and encouragement to parents to make a child as independent as possible by imparting skills to survive and earn a living. The trust spreads awareness about autism and provides therapy facilities at a very nominal, easily affordable cost. The trust tries to ensure a life of dignity to children with autism.

By : Mr&Mrs. Ram