Thulir is a trust opened to benefit children with autism spectrum disorder where parents get space and therapy equipments to provide therapy for autistic children on a regular basis under specialist’s guidance at a low cost. The trust is registered under the government of Karnataka (registration # MYS-4-00326-2013-14). The trust is under effective functioning since 1st December 2013 serving more than 50 kids and their families with the aim of achieving highest possible level of their functional independence.

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a group of developmental disorders, noticeable from a very early age, characterized by dysfunctions in social interaction, impairment in communicational abilities and presence of unusual restricted and repetitive ranges of play and interest.It has been observed that children with ASD, if treated from a very early age, can overcome many of their disabilities and lead a respectable social life. At Thulir we strive for the same.


Each child will be assessed by the occupational therapist and parents of each child will be provided with individualized therapy programs based on each child’s requirements. The parents will be guided with sensory integration, behavioural and special education principles from the hands of the specialists. The progress of the child is continuously monitored and reviewed with parents. On special cases, the therapists also work with the child’s teachers at the school to tailor the learning program to the child’s abilities. The trust also provides services such as Speech therapy, Special Education and Art and Craft classes on one to one basis for the children who are enrolled in the trust.


The trust is run with the support of well wishers who contribute to help the cause. We request you to support us financially so that each child enrolled in the trust would be able to be benefited from the ultimate mission of the trust.
Note: All donations are exempt under section 80G of the income tax act 1961